Coming to Terms, 30 Years On: The Mabo Legacy in Australian Writing

Constellation by Gail Mabo. © Gail Mabo/Copyright Agency, 2021

Welcome to the website for the 2022 ASAL Conference.

After an amazing week of presentations and discussions, 4–8 July,  the conference ended early due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we have been scheduling regular online seminars to facilitate those presenters whose papers were postponed.

Our next presentation is on Friday 5 August at 2pm. Please join us via zoom:

This week’s panel is on “Contemporary Literature”.

Chair: Brigid Magner

Ursula Robinson-Shaw, “Facetious Form: Whiteness, Autofictionality, and Ironic Credulity in Contemporary Australian literature”

Qixiu Tian, “The Precious Woman and Decolonising Australian Theatre”

Samina Akhtar, “Stolen Generations: Carey’s A Long Way from Home as an Eccentric Ride through Australia’s Racist Past”

For more details email Robert Clarke at

We thank the Copyright Agency for permission to reproduce the image of Gail Mabo’s painting, Constellation. You can listen to Gail Mabo discuss her painting here

Constellation by Gail Mabo. © Gail Mabo/Copyright Agency, 2021

We acknowledge the palawa/pakana and Gadigal people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and work. We honour their enduring culture and knowledges as vital to the self-determination, wellbeing and resilience of their communities, and to shaping a just, inclusive and equitable Australian society.